Big Data Pilot Demo Days: I-BiDaaS Application to the Financial Sector

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The kick-off webinar of the Big Data Pilot Demo Days series under BDV PPP, I-BiDaaS Application to the Financial Sector, was held on May 21st. The main goal of this big data pilot webinar was to demonstrate in a step by step fashion the I-BiDaaS self-service solution and its application to the banking sector.

Dr. Dušan Jakovetić, I-BiDaaS Scientific & Technical Manager, started the webinar with an overview presentation of the I-BiDaaS project, including the motivation behind I-BiDaaS, the project’s vision and its applicability to different sectors. Dr. Ramon Martin de Pozuelo, Project Manager at the Security Innovation & Transformation team of CaixaBank, followed up and set the requirements of the CaixaBank pilot study focusing on why CaixaBank needs I-BiDaaS, how I-BiDaaS helped them grow, increase their revenues, lower the cost, etc. Later on, Dr. Jakovetić made a more in-depth presentation of the I-BiDaaS architecture with its core technologies highlighting how I-BiDaaS successfully managed to address the CaixaBank’s use-case requirements. During the final session, Dr. de Pozuelo presented the I-BiDaaS CaixaBank-roadmap illustrating how CaixaBank completely changed its approach from a non-sharing real data to looking for the best way possible to share real data and perform big data analytics outside its facilities. Then, an extensive step by step demonstration of the I-BiDaaS solution of the following use cases took place:

  • Analysis of relationships through IP address: This use case aims to validate the usage of synthetic data to external platforms for big data analytics. It is deployed in the context of identifying relationships between customers that use the same IP address in their connections to online banking. CAIXA stores information about their customers and the operations they perform (bank transfer, check their accounts, etc.) using channels such as mobile apps or online banking. The goals of this experiment are to validate the use of synthetic data for analysis, if the rules act in the same situations as with the real data and to test the time efficiency of I-BiDaaS solution.
  • Advanced Analysis of bank transfer payment in financial terminal: This use case aims to detect the differences between reliable transfers and possible fraudulent cases, in particular when the transfer is done outside normal physical office hours. The goal of this experiment is to test the efficiency of I-BiDaaS solution in the context of anomaly detection in the bank transfers from employees’ workstations.

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Watch the I-BiDaaS Application to the Financial Sector Webinar recordings:

  • Introduction to the series of webinars. - Marieke Willems (Trust-IT, BigDataStack)
  • Introduction to the I-BiDaaS project - Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF)
  • CaixaBank’s Pitches: Setting the requirements - Ramon Martin de Pozuelo (CaixaBank)
  • I-BiDaaS architecture: a Scientific & Technical view and how it addresses the requirements set by the CaixaBank pilot study - Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF)
  • Step by Step demonstration of the I-BiDaaS solution and its application to the banking sector - Ramon Martin de Pozuelo (CaixaBank)

The slides are available here.