I-BiDaaS Final Event

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I-BiDaaS Final Event

When: Monday, December 21st at 10:00-13:30 CET

After three years of research and innovation, the I-BiDaaS project is close to an end and the project partners are delighted to share the main results in this free online event that will be held on the 21st of December 2020.

Funded by European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (GA No 780787), the I-BiDaaS project (Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution) aims to empower users to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies, by designing, building, and demonstrating, a unified framework that: significantly increases the speed of data analysis while coping with the rate of data asset growth, and facilitates cross-domain data-flow towards a thriving data-driven EU economy.

As this exciting journey is approaching the end and aiming to ensure further adoption and to boost exploitation of the project’s results and its sustainability, I-BiDaaS experts are ready to showcase the third and final version of the I-BiDaaS solution and its applicability in 8 real-word, industry-led experiments in the domains of banking, manufacturing, and telecommunication.

In this event, we will present an overview of the I-BiDaaS project, the I-BiDaaS architecture with its core technologies, followed by step by step demos of the I-BiDaaS solution and its application to the targeted sectors while focusing on the requirements of the pilot studies. Moreover, the I-BiDaaS Innovation Ecosystem and the business and commercial offering will be presented.

I-BiDaaS Consortium is honored to announce Nuria de Lama as the keynote speaker of the event.

“A 5-years journey through the European Big Data Landscape”

Nuria de Lama, European Programs Manager, Atos Research & Innovation - Member of Board of Directors, BDVA

Abstract: The data ecosystem in Europe (and worldwide) has evolved dramatically in the last 5 years, with enormous progress on data analytics and privacy-preserving technologies. However, some challenges remain, like making data available and easily usable, agreeing on a European framework for data governance and ensuring the interoperability and openness of data platforms. Questions such as competitiveness and European sovereignty are also part of the discussion and have led to new policy packages. In this presentation, we will travel through the last years, trying to summarise main findings, activities and results and opening up a discussion about the future, including the potential suitability of data spaces or infrastructures like GAIA-X to address the aforementioned challenges.


Who should attend?

Whether you are a Big Data expert developer, a data analyst, a decision-maker, or a non-IT specialist with the right domain knowledge, we will show how I-BiDaaS enables you to easily utilise and interact with big data technologies.


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Detailed Agenda




10:00 – 10:05

Welcome and Introduction

Despina Kopanaki - FORTH

10:05 – 10:35

Keynote: A 5-years journey through the European Big Data Landscape

Nuria de Lama - Atos Research & Innovation, BDVA

10:35 – 10:45

I-BiDaaS Overview

Sotiris Ioannidis – FORTH, TUC

10:45 – 11:05

I-BiDaaS Scientific and Technical view

Dusan Jakovetic – UNSPMF

11:05 – 11:35

Pilot 1: I-BiDaaS Application to the banking sector

Ramon Martin de Pozuelo – CaixaBank

11:35 – 11:50


11:50 – 12:20

Pilot 2: I-BiDaaS Application to the telecommunication sector

Ioannis Arapakis – Telefonica I+D

12:20 – 12:50

Pilot 3: I-BiDaaS Application to the manufacturing sector

Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio – CRF

12:50 – 13:05

I-BiDaaS Platform Demonstration

Vassilis Chatzigiannakis - ITML

13:05 – 13:25

The I-BiDaaS business & commercial offering

Hernan Ruiz Ocampo - ENPC

13:25 – 13:30

Q&A, Closing


ioannidisProf. Sotiris Ioannidis received a BSc degree in Mathematics and an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Crete in 1994 and 1996 respectively. In 1998 he received an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Rochester and in 2005 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Ioannidis held a Research Scholar position at the Stevens Institute of Technology until 2007 and a Research Director at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) until 2020. He is currently Associate Professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete (TUC) and Director of the Microprocessor and Hardware Laboratory.

He was a Member of the ENISA Advisory Group (AG) from 2017 to 2020, and is a Member of the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) Advisory Committee (AC). He is also Chairman of the of the Committee of Ethics and Deontology of Research of FORTH and Member of the Advisory Committee for National Infrastructures for Research and Technology. His research interests are in the area of systems and network security, security policy, privacy, and high-speed networks. Ioannidis has authored more than 200 publications in international conferences and journals, as well as book chapters, and has both chaired and served on numerous program committees in prestigious conferences, such as ACM CCS and IEEE S&P. Ioannidis is a Marie-Curie Fellow and has participated in numerous international and European projects. He has been the PI of 40 European, National and DARPA projects, attracting in excess of 12 million euros for his organization, and has been Project Coordinator in 14 of them. Currently, Prof. Ioannidis is the Deputy Coordinator of CONCORDIA one of the four EU Cybersecurity Pilots.


nuriaNuria de Lama studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has worked more than 20 years in Research, Development and Innovation in different IT environments. After several years managing the department of International projects for an SME specialized in wireless and mobile technologies, she joined Atos in 2005, where she first led a Research Unit on Rural and Industrial development. In 2006 she was appointed Head of the Research Unit on Semantics, Software and Service Engineering (30+ people) and since 2010 she is European Programs Manager at Atos. In that position she coordinates the strategy of Atos Research and Innovation in European Programs with a special focus on ICT and is key in business development. She has managed or contributed to more than 40 innovation projects in areas like Digital Platforms, Digital Transformation, IoT and Big data applied to different sectors. She was one of the founders of the Future Internet Partnership, also known as FIWARE Program, which gave birth to the FIWARE Foundation. She was also one of the founders of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) where she was first Deputy Secretary General; since 2018 she is member of the Board of Directors. She is currently involved in several projects in the data ecosystem (BDVe, DataBench) and Digital Transformation programs (Demeter, OPEN DEI).

She has been member of the Organizing Committee of most of the editions of the European Data Forum until 2016 and European Big Data Value Forum since 2017 and has contributed to other relevant activities like the European DatSci & AI Awards.

She has proudly supported projects like I-BiDaaS, DataPitch, BigPolicyCanvas, the Ideal-IST network, NGIoT or EU-IOT through their Advisory Boards or experts groups.


DusanDr. Dusan Jakovetic is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia and he is also the I-BiDaaS Scientific & Technical Manager. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, and Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (ISR), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal, in 2013. Since November 2015, he has been an Assistant Professor at the Department for Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He works as a scientific and technical coordinator in several H2020 projects. His research interests include data analytics, optimization, and signal processing for distributed systems.


RamonDr. Ramon Martin de Pozuelo is a Project Manager at Security Innovation & Transformation, CaixaBank, Barcelona. He received the B.Sc. and the M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Ph.D. degree in ICT and its Management (all with honours) by La Salle School of Engineering from Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), Barcelona, Spain, in 2007, 2010, and 2017, respectively. As a researcher in La Salle he participated in several European research and innovation projects related to different fields, especially in the design of heterogeneous data networks and information systems for Smart Grids and Smart Cities, and the definition of network architectures, ICT and security solutions. In 2018 he joined CaixaBank as a Project Manager for Technical Fraud Prevention and Security Innovation and Transformation in which he has been managing the participation of CaixaBank in several H2020 projects. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) since 2018.


ArapakisDr. Ioannis Arapakis is a Researcher at Telefonica Research, Barcelona. Prior to joining Telefonica Research, he was a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs, where he worked in the domains of Data Mining, IR, and HCI. Over this period, he was an active member of the (1) User Engagement, (2) Web Retrieval and (3) Ad Processing and Retrieval groups, lead several internal projects, and addressed research problems related to pattern recognition, predictive modeling, multimedia mining and search, social media analysis, and machine learning. Ioannis Arapakis received his Ph.D. in Information Retrieval from the School of Computing Science of the University of Glasgow. He also holds a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology (with specialisation in Interactive Systems Engineering) from the Royal Institute of Technology. His research interests include data mining, information retrieval, and human-computer interaction.


giuseppeGiuseppe Danilo Spennacchio holds a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Federico II of Naples, Italy. He started his career in the automotive sector, in planning and logistics. In 2015, he attained a Master in Automotive and joined the CRF as a manufacturing methodologies specialist, conducting research activities on lightweight material and adhesive bonding for automotive industry. In 2019, he changed role internally joining the operative group of Flexible and Adaptive Systems for manufacturing in the Factory Innovation Department. The main research activities are on flexible and adaptive manufacturing to optimize industrial processes and improve their quality. He participates in national and European projects as CRF technical support and coordinator.


ChatzigiannakisDr. Vassilis Chatzigiannakis received his PhD and his bachelor degree in electrical and computer engineering, both from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is currently a technical manager at ITML. He has also worked in the Network Operations Center in NTUA and Intrasoft International. His research interests revolve around cyber-security, Machine Learning and distributed systems.




HermanDr. Hernan Ruiz Ocampo is a project manager and a research fellow at the Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) in Paris. Hernan obtained his PhD in Process and Bioprocess Engineering at the Institute Mines-Telecom Atlantique in Nantes, France, and his research was part of an industrial project with the aim to develop new technologies for an SME in the water sector. In 2019 he graduated from an MBA in Innovation Management from the Ecole des Ponts Business School acquiring knowledge in leading innovation & agility, design thinking, and digital transformation. Hernan’s research currently focuses on the identification, design and application of circular business models in different sectors and the development of a body of knowledge in the field of Circular Economy.


KopanakiDespina Kopanaki is a Project Manager at FORTH-ICS and a Ph.D. candidate in Informatics at the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece. She holds a Bachelor Degree from the Department of Statistics (2004) and an MSc in Applied Economics & Finance from the Department of Economics (2006), both from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Greece. Currently, she is part of the I-BiDaaS (GA#780787) H2020 project coordination team. Before that, she has been involved in several EU funded projects as a researcher and also as a financial project administrator and manager. Her research interests include data mining, data analytics and privacy-preservation of mobility data.